On: Me!

Hey folks, Bergie here.

Obviously, that’s not my name. But you know how online handles go, my real name is Jonathan Berghammer, but I don’t like the first bit so much, so I go by Eirich – but Bergie suffices for most online uses. If you’re here, you’re reading some of my stories so here’s a bit about me.

I was raised Roman Catholic, and spent some time in the church service. I had a crisis of faith and ended up wandering the religious avenues of humanity, and learned quite a lot. Buddhism was especially interesting for me, and helped me discover a way to get rid of my anger issues, and more about the human mind. Mostly that everyone’s striving for the same things in life and the journey to happiness is paramount to all humans. Nowadays, I’m a Humanist-Nihilist. I see all human endeavors towards peace and happiness (including Faith and Religion) as grand accomplishments. For me, I believe we’ve got one life to contribute as much to humanity’s progress as possible.

I was in Scouts Canada through much of my early life, getting a broad array of skills, but mostly my interpersonal and leadership skills. I’m often automatically the leader of whatever group I’ve been stuck in (though I’m also quite fine stepping back and letting anyone else take the reigns). I used these skills when working in an office environment as a charismatic and caring leader to teams of people. I was different from many of my peers in that I treated them all as people, often bending the rules for the sake of keeping my team happy (without sacrificing quality and productivity). Happy folks do a far better job than those who are forced to work overtime and in demanding situations.

I’ve got a severe anxiety disorder, as well as dealing with depression my entire life. It’s hard for me to even write any of this, since my self-doubt and anxiety keeps making me think this is all an atrocious idea. Since my anxiety became so crippling, I’ve been fired, divorced, evicted, and become a 33-year old living in his mom’s basement. I’m sure you can imagine how nullifying that can be to a person’s ego and sense of self worth. Still struggling to find work (maybe as either a remote support tech or some kind of writer). and dealing with what always feels like inadequate mental health support.

So that kinda sums up Me for now. I’m sure I’ll have some update On: Me in the future.

Catch y’all later!

– Bergie

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