Station Four: Prologue pt. 3

My eyes open. The light above me is bright and painful to look at, but I feel like I’m being watched. Something is blocking the light. There’s nothing there, but some part of the light is blocked. I can’t look away. I can’t move. Why can’t I move? I’m terrified and can feel my chest getting tight and me heart racing. I can’t look away. I hear voices and can barely make out figures around me, but I can’t look away from this blot of empty light. It starts to grow as my chest gets tighter and tighter. I’m scared.

Suddenly, it’s gone. I can move. I jump up off my bed, and fall to the ground. My whole body is stiff and sore, there’s medical equipment everywhere around the room. There’s someone standing in the corner, holding something. As I lock my eyes to him, he’s gone. What? Did I imagine this? Do I imagine things like this? I can’t remember. Is this normal for me? Who am I? I can’t remember anything.

Wait, I remember being in a hospital. Or is it just this place making me think I remember it? I can remember seeing farms and houses from high above. Did I fly? Was I a pilot? There’s another person in the room again. When I look he’s gone again. I’m leaning against some cupboards or something. I take a look inside them and there’s basic hospital supplies, gauze and gloves and things like that. Was I being experimented on? Is this some alien sci-fi nonsense? That’s only on TV.

I finally stand up. When I steady myself on the counter, I knock over a pile of clothes, but a keycard drops out of one of the pockets and onto the floor. It’s a silver card with “Station Four” and what looks like a slice of citrus on it. I pick it up and take a better look around. I keep seeing people in my peripheral vision that vanish as soon as I look at them. What’s wrong with me? Why does my head hurt so much? Where am I? There’s a door, I want to get out of here.

I swipe the keycard and the door makes a boop and unlocks. I see someone in the hallway, another vanisher, but only one this time. I poke my head into the hallway and see a dead end. Then I look the other way and see a white guy in a uniform looking at me. A guard? I duck back into the room and close the door. I pull the bed to the door and knock it over to block it. What is this place?

The uniform seems vaguely familiar though. I remember seeing a bunch of people getting on my transport wearing those. My transport. Mine? I barely remember anything, but i definitely think they weren’t military. I knocked some clothes over a second ago, where are they? I check them out, and they’re very similar to that guy’s outfit, but mine has a silver insignia on the shoulder. Was this my rank? Was I military? I remember hearing Captain Theodore – wait, that’s my name! I’m Theodore. There’s a nametag in among the clothing. It says “Theo”. I always liked being called Theo. By who, though? Why can’t I remember.

I hear a muffled voice from the corridor, sounds like an automated message about coordinating access to a secure elevator. I look at my keycard again, and it has a long serial number on it. I’m not so stiff anymore, but it’s really cold in here, and I’m just wearing some hospital patient robe. I swap to the pile of clothing and put my nametag in it’s place. There’s a small mirror over the sink. I take a look at myself as I pour some water. I remember having a beard.. My face looks so strange without it. I guess I used to have a beard before I ended up in this place, whatever it is.

I take a long drink of water and think of what to do next.

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