New Year, New Lappy!

Heya folks! Short update:

It’s been a while, mostly because I haven’t had reliable access to a solid computer to write on. But that’s all changed now.

I just bought me a MSI gaming laptop. It’s not the best thing performance-wise, but it will let me do several things I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time I barely know where to start. For now, I’ma list the things I’ll be able to do now!

More Writing

I’m really excited to get back into writing more frequently. My ol’ netbook is such an old beast that wear over time has made it slow down pretty significantly, and as such just loading a website feels like I’m back on Dial-Up. Which leads me to the next bit…

Apartment Hunt

I’m still in apartment limbo while I’m staying at my friend’s place, and the hindrances from my old laptop have prevented me from efficiently searching for a proper apartment of my. My QOL is definitely on the rise!


Now that I’ve got a decent gaming machine, I can get back to a lot of the games I played frequently instead of the 2-4 that I’ve been limited to in the last few months. Borderlands 2, Raft, Heat Signature, and Mass Effect AHOY!

Dungeons and Dragons

I am so hyped to get back to running D&D I can’t even hold it in. So excited! I’ve got a few groups interested in playing at my new workplace, and I can’t wait until the ball (or dice) gets rolling.

That’s it for now! Look forward to more posts and other updates 😀

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